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For over 15 years, All American Remodeling has modified homes of all sizes and styles for customers in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding area. We’re dedicated to giving you the home of your dreams.

If you’ve outgrown your home, there’s no need to move. The addition of a room from a new master bedroom to a guest suite can be the perfect solution for your family’s needs. We’ll meet with you, determine exactly what you’re looking for, and come up with a plan that fits your budget. Call us today to get started!

All American Remodeling offers all kinds of Room Additions, Including:


  • Master bedroom additions

  • Master bathroom additions

  • Patio / outdoor room additions

  • Live-in suite additions

  • Accessory DSwelling Unit

  • And more!

All American Remodeling - Home Additional Contractor
San Diego CA - Home Addition
San Diego CA - Room Additions

Adding a room to your home can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but it's an investment that can significantly improve your living space. A room expansion has the potential to increase your property's value and enhance your family's quality of life. To ensure that the project is executed flawlessly, you need a reliable and trustworthy contractor. Look no further than All American Remodeling.

At All American Remodeling, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and impeccable craftsmanship. We work closely with you to design a tailored room addition that meets all your requirements, taking care of every aspect of the project from beginning to end. You can trust us to deliver a first-class service that exceeds your expectations.


San Diego CA - Home Additions
San Diego CA - Room Addition
San Diego CA - Room Additions (2)

Benefits of Adding a Room to Your Home:

1- Increased living space: Room additions provide valuable additional square footage, allowing homeowners to expand their living areas and accommodate growing families or changing needs without the expense and hassle of moving.

2- Enhanced property value: Adding a room to a home can significantly increase its market value. This investment offers a high return on investment, as it not only improves the functionality of the house but also enhances its overall appeal and desirability to potential buyers.

3- Flexible utilization: Room additions offer versatility in their use. Whether it's creating a home office, a guest room, a playroom, or a dedicated space for hobbies and interests, the added room provides the freedom to adapt the space according to individual preferences and lifestyle requirements.

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